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Our offer:

1. Cutting:

Laser I - length 30.000 mm, width 4.000 mm, power - 6 kW, rotational head enabling edge scarfing, e.g. before welding. Cutting thickness:
Carbon steel - 25 mm
Stainless steel - 20 mm
Aluminium - 12 mm
Laser II - length 3.000 mm, width 1500 mm, power - 5 kW, rotational head enabling edge scarfing, e.g. before welding. Cutting thickness:
Carbon steel - 25 mm
Stainless steel - 20 mm
Aluminium - 12 mm
Water cutting - length 3.000 mm, width 20000 mm
almost all materials up to 200 mm thickness
Guillotine shear 3100 mm - cutting thickness 25mm
Guillotine shear 3150 mm - cutting thickness 13 mm
Band saw

2. Bending:

Bending brake CNC - pressure 3000 T
for thickness 25 mm bending length 18400 mm
for thickness 100 mm bending length 3000 mm
Bending brake LVD - pressure 300T
for thickness 5 mm bending length 5000 mm

3. Machining:

Milling and drilling machine I- CNC - feed : x-1000mm,y-500mm,z-600mm
Milling and drilling machine II- CNC - feed : x-800mm,y-400mm,z-600mm
Milling and drilling machine III- CNC - feed:x-500mm,y-300mm,z-300mm
Universal milling machine I -Feed : x-1700mm,y-575mm, z-400mm
Universal milling machine II - Feed: x-1900mm,y-900mm, z -700mm
Lathe CNC I - turning diameter 200mm, turning length 500mm
Lathe CNC II - turning diameter 500mm, turning length 250mm
Engine lathe I - turning diameter 500mm,turning length 2000mm
Engine lathe II - turning diameter 430mm,turning length 2000mm
Engine lathe III - turning diameter 420mm,turning length 2000mm
Boring machine - Feed : x-1600mm,y-1600mm, z-1600mm
Pillar drill
Multiradial drilling machine
Other devices and machines
Tube rolling mill - sheet metal thickness up to 13mm x 2500mm
Shot blasting cabin - elements up to 6000mm x 2000mm x 2000mm
Sanding vehicle

4. Steel structure welding:

Gas welding - 311
Covered electrode - 111
MIG - 131
MAG - 135
TIG - 141

5. Steel structure painting:

"Wet" painting
Powder painting

6.Designing steel structures:

Designing steel structures, machine and device elements using 2D and 3D engineering software

7. Welding supervision:

Welding supervision, welding documentation, preparation for certification according to PN-EN ISO 3834 and PN-EN ISO 9001, PN-EN ISO 14001

 Welding Supervision - more ... 

8. Maintenance and repairs of machinery and equipment within the country and abroad.

9. National and international transport, in particular transport of cargo.

Welcome to Partner Sp. z o.o

Please refer to the profile of the company and our products.
PARTNER Sp. z o.o combines knowledge and many years of experience in the metal,  welding and metalworking industries in Poland and abroad with companies dealing with a purely manufacturing activity in the field.
As a result, we are able to implement whole projects and orders, minimizing production costs.
We have modern production facilities and machinery, therefore we can compete with the best companies in the metal industry.
We are a company which is based on specialized technical, logistic and marketing personnel who are fluent in German and English.
We are ready to cooperate.

PARTNER Sp. z o.o.

Office of the company:

Przybyszewskiego Street
58-560 Jelenia Góra, PL
KRS: 0000321801
PL NIP: 6112664257
REGON: 020897948
Place of registration:
District Court for Wrocław-IX Division of the National Court Register
Share capital: 10.000 PLN

Sales office:
Sobieskiego Street 53 (area ZREMB)
58-500 Jelenia Góra, PL
tel.: 00 48 75 644 04 26 

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